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  • YKG-832409NL XMH-9760-JL7D130-886 X multiple

YKG-832409NL XMH-9760-JL7D130-886 X multiple

Product Description:
INGKE YKG-832409NL 100% compatible with XMH-9760-JL7D130-886 X multiple

Part No.: XMH-9760-JL7D130-886 X multiple
INGKE Part No.: YKG-832409NL
Made in China: INGKE Technology
Description: XMH-9760-JL7D130-886 X multiple 8 Ports RJ45 Ethernet Connector
Lead Time: 1-2 Weeks

Latch: Tab Up and Tab Down
LED: Green, Yellow-Green, Yellow
Shielding: Shielded, EMI Finger
Ports: 8
PCB Mount: Right Angle/Through Hole
Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ 85°C
Contact Material:Phosphor Bronze
Shield Material:Copper Alloy
Housing Material: Thermoplastic
Categories:Connector,Interconnect,Modular Connector,Jack With Magnetic
MSL: 1 (Unlimited)
Lead Free, RoHS Compliant
INGKE UL No.: E530462

100% compatible, 100% test,  warranty for 60 months
Factory with UL, supplier of Marvell & Honeywell

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